Full-on rebuild. Took a single blog site and turned it into a social network with a single trunk site using RSS image feeds to show of the activities of the 15+ branch sites. I did the research, found BuddyPress, set the whole thing up with the WPMU, worked out the front end design, how to bring in the feeds, formatted all the pages, set up the different sites, managed all the content using MySQL queries so that all the content went to the right sites. The whole shebang. So it really comes down to, what does the client need, and how can I provide for those needs? Suddenly I’m working with WP hooks and plug-ins, what I need to learn how to manage databases? How am I going to get the RSS feed for these sites and order them, not only by date, but feed the image only. The map…The map was built in flash and would have been a huge pain to update, so I had to find a mapping application that was easily updatable, add the schools and images, format and draw the new map to resemble the old.

Future of Facebook

I was asked to design a website around an illustration used in the Future of Facebook Project videos, as well as provide pages with nicely formatted video and image galleries, stylized widgets and social media icons in the header. There was much to do in terms of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop work, as well as WordPress theme formatting and working out the functions of the most useful plug-ins and widgets for the site.

Show Me Burlesque

Show Me Burlesque

I was asked to take the WordPress Theme Thesus and jazz it up for the client, Burlesque Performer Lola Van Ella, including a new typographic logo. I then created pages and laid out he content for the other pages with CSS, as well as creating the Paypal links.

While the client had a mailing list, it was unformatted, so I took it upon myself to build her a template with MailChimp, so she could send out newsletters with her header and logo. It was well received and now she’s using it.

Dancing Ink Productions

Dancing Ink Productions

Dancing Ink Productions called up on me to take their WordPress Site and reformat it into a portfolio site. This required downloading their database to make a local sandbox, learning rebuilding their Index Page to match the example site, rewriting the PHP so the the thumbnails linked to outbound links instead of internal pages, creating thumbnails from video captures, and rebuilding their logo for the format change (and also creating loss vector files for their merchandise).

Later, I also used the experiential skills from my tool kit to convert the entire creatingthefuturetoday.com/ to pdf while keeping the formatting intact.

Van Ella Studios

Van Ella Studios

Complete site redesign. Demo built in Illustrator, then moved into WordPress and positioned with CSS. The site was also formatted for iPhone and iPad due to ios scrolling issues with fixed height DIVs. This site also represents the first use of the Google Font API for fancy font use.

YTB Car Rental Search Engine Results

YTB Car Rental

Working XSLT and CSS to reorient the table (logos on top) and format it to company colors. Logos needed to be found, rebuilt, recolored and hosted off site in order to supersede default images. A lot of tricky coding was done in order to make it work because the the CSS was scattered throughout many different pages for many different conditions, and reimported, so it took a lot of code hunting and testing to get this job done.

Travel Search Engine Template Switch

YTB Template Switch

The job entailed taking data from a travel search engine and formatting the results into a usable table. The first instance to match the company’s previously established design and colors, and the second instance for a revised dynamic design that unfortunately never saw the light of day outside our test servers. The second example did actually work and was not just a Photoshop comp, but the company was at war with itself and stayed with the first example because they thought the end user would be confused by the new look and feel (purchased from a 3rd party vendor)

Here I took the same XSLT structure and reworked placed it into two different templates using CSS and HTML.

In both instances, it took a lot of CSS wrangling to get the text and the design elements to line up because the data was different in every search instance and came in differing lengths and sizes (i.e. telephone numbers, addresses, product image).

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