Who Am I?

You design it, somebody has to assemble it. You plan it, somebody has to make it work. You have ideas, somebody has to find the tools to make it happen. That person is me, Mark Plattner.

Man, I sound like a truck commercial.

All that eye-rolling copy aside, I’m a Front-End Web Developer who gets stuff done. Usually my job goes like this: A client has an idea for a look, or an action they’ve seen somewhere else, but they want to change it up. The site they reference uses a tool, or a script that’s in wide use, but now it has to be different. How is it going to get done? It doesn’t matter because the client wants what the client wants, and it’s up to me to figure out how to make it work, how to make it happen, how to fix it if it breaks, all of it. That’s what I do…I’m a Problem Solver. There is a lot to know about alot in the world of WebDev, and I don’t claim to know it all, but I will learn it for you and you will get what you want.

314.596.2774   mark.plattner@gmail.com

My Skillset
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • HTML Emails
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • WordPress
  • PHP
  • CMS
  • Themes
  • Templates
  • Plugins
  • Asset Creation
  • Content Management

314.596.2774   mark.plattner@gmail.com

My Work


MicroGlobalScope.org was a full-on rebuild. After the design was approved, I was to take a single blog site and turn it into a network of 25+ blogs. Then over time…

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Obata Design was tasked with redesigning the Upright Fall Prevention website. Built with WordPress on an off-the-shelf the client was also adding additional…

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Prairie State Energy Campus

Prairie State Energy Campus

The Client requested a responsive page to showcase their Year in Review. The team researched and selected two one-page HTML5/Bootstrap templates for their…

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Advanced Energy For Life Infographic

Advanced Energy for Life Infographic

Produce functional, responsive infographic with animations, text counter and image map pop-ups for the Emerson Electric 2013 Year in Review. I started from a static…

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Future Of Facebook

Future of Facebook

I was asked to design a website around an illustration used in the Future of Facebook Project videos, as well as provide pages with nicely formatted video and image…

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Science House Foundation

Science House Foundation

I was asked to take a static site and move into a WordPress, add an RSS feed to the front page, and Twitter widget to the subsequent pages. I was…

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YTB Hotel Results And Prototype

YTB Hotel Results and Prototype

The job entailed taking data from a travel search engine and formatting the results into a usable table. The first instance (left) to match the company’s previously…

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YTB Cars

YTB Cars

Working XSLT and CSS to reorient the table (logos on top) and format it to company colors. Logos needed to be found, rebuilt, recolored and hosted off site in order…

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Dancing Ink Productions

Dancing Ink Productions

Dancing Ink Productions called up on me to take their WordPress Site and reformat it into a portfolio site. This required downloading their database to make a…

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314.596.2774   mark.plattner@gmail.com

My Resume


Front-end Developer and Designer with an emphasis on HTML and CSS and Print Production. Experience includes working with Photoshop files to bring them into HTML layouts, Photoshop Image Retouching, Resizing, and using Illustrator for rebuilding logos, Wireframing, Content Management. Ten+ active years of HTML/CSS, Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Other areas of strength include experience with WordPress Theme Production.

Technical Skills

• HTML4/CSS2: Expert Level

• HTML5/CSS3:  Intermediate

• Adobe Creative Suite Expert Level

• Experience Wireframing page comps Adobe Fireworks

• Experience with JavaScript fundamentals, Functional jQuery experience.

• FinalCut Pro Average

Front End Web Developer

September 2013–November 2014

Obata Design

Clients include: Prairie State Energy Campus (Page Development), AHI – Upright Fall Prevention (Full Site WordPress

Theme Development), Emerson (Page Development), Advanced Energy for Life (Infographic Web Production), Doe Run (WordPress

Site Development, and plug-in modification, Site Management), Elsevier (Site Development, Newsletters ), Peabody Coal (Newsletters),

• HTML/CSS/JavaScript/JQuery site and page building

• WordPress theme modifications, plug-ins, content layout

• HTML Grid Layout, Bootstrap layout and wireframing

• Newsletter creations with MailChimp and Marketo

• Image Slicing and Wire Framing with Adobe FireWorks

• Mobile Device testing

April 2013–September 2013


• Writing jQuery scripts and functions, and using jQuery UI libraries to create eCommerce pages.

• HTML/CSS to help improve the UI and UX

• Usability Testing

• Wireframing pages in HTML, then implementing them with a heavy jQuery component

• Working with Subversion versioning and control software

January 2011–September 2013

Clients included Spoke!, Hughes Design, Science House Foundation, FutureofFacebook.com, ScienceHouseFoundation.org,

MicroGlobalScope.org, PopViewMaps.com, MemoryLayer.com, Dancing Ink Productions, Manzo Architects, EmergentByDesign.com, Van Ella Studios, Yank and Limey. Web Design & Development, Content Management, Site Management, Video Editing, Print and Outdoor POS, POP Production.

• Rebuilt MicroGlobalScope.org and ScienceHouseFoundation.org websites from the ground up, by moving them from static HTML websites into dynamic WordPress Sites. Building and editing themes and templates in order to improve User Experience. Finding plug-ins to meet the clients needs then customizing them with PHP to make them site specific. Manage site content and Asset Creation

• Created HTML5 Navigation Slider for Sciencehouse.com.

• Built static websites using HTML5 and CSS3. Using Illustrator and Photoshop to take vector illustrations and turn them into graphical interfaces for FutureOfFacebook.com.

• Wireframing site comps for OnSTL.com

• www.sciencehousefoundation.org/points-of-science-brazil/ built using HTML5/CSS3. Both MemoryLayer and Points of Science required styling multiple Tumblr sites (using their template CSS methods) to resemble their parent sites

 June 2010–December 2010

Clients included Hughes Design, Elaine Swanger Design, Boston Creative, Creative Producers Group where I performed both print and web production for a variety of projects including phone interface mockups, amusement park graphics, print newsletters and convention graphics using Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

NSI- The National System – Coca-Cola Team

Initially hired to help migrate copy from one Coca-Cola server to another I took the initiative to use my skills in Photoshop, HTML and CSS to edit images and code when in-house staff was overwhelmed with work. I also downloaded and reformatted video from FLV to WMV when the client was unable to get us the video asset in time for launch. When the client was missing PDF assets their site, I tracked down and downloaded old ones from Google Cache and Archive.org and reformatted them for use with the new site. Copy proofreading and text formatting for web view.

Benjamin-Moore Paint Team

Dropped French copy into the new Benjamin-Moore website. Tested the site for correct French usage, documented and communicated the bugs to IT while asking the nitpicky questions about grammar usage, translation and site functionality.

September 2007–January 2010

YTB International Wood River, IL Front-end Developer 

• Designed websites and banner ads for on-line travel agency and e-commerce site: Designed flat banners and button ads in Photoshop and Illustrator and add them to an HTML page, Animated Flash Rotators and embedded Flash video players in Flash/HTML, Full web page design. Layout pages in Photoshop, then “Slice and Dice” them into web pages (after getting them approved through using wireframes) using HTML/CSS/Flash

• Produced a dynamic e-commerce shopping cart using CSS in conjunction with XSLT documents.

• Took 3rd party templates and reformatted them to work within our web space with HTML/XSLT/CSS

• Prototyped wireframe of a new booking engine design in Flex 3 before the project was killed

• Daily web site content management consisting of image replacements and copy changes i.e. dropping in and formatting new copy into tabled and tableless layouts and occasional and formatting with HTML and CSS

March 2007–September 2007

St. Louis, MO  Print Production Artist  

Clients included: Toky Design, Spectrum Brands, Avala Marketing, National Systems, Adamson Advertising. Time was spent Print Production of direct mailers, newspaper ads, restaurant menus, SeaRay® Catalogs, Web 2.0 icons for Anheuser-Busch Intranet, and pesticide labels.

February 2005–August 2006

Waylon Ad/St. Louis, MO Graphic Production Artist 

Took unfinished comp-stage artwork to print-ready final production often resizing pieces to meet multiple publication or marketing specs. Performed image retouching and minor color correction. Used Adobe Flash for animation of company web site. Cut, mount, built and bound presentation boards, and promotional books. Performed minor video and audio production on company reels.

Provided logos and artwork per client’s request.

 August 2004–February 2005

EU Concepts/St. Louis, MO Web & Print Production Artist 

• Worked closely with lead designer to take rough ideas and make them both print and web ready. Created graphics for client’s interactive kiosks according to strict software specifications. Made adjustments and corrections to live web sites based on client’s needs. Converted serial Flash animations to static navigable HTML pages.

• Produced web graphics and in-store kiosk graphics for: Build a Bear Workshop’s and Darling Shoe Company Website in Photoshop and Illustrator.

• Content management of Grand Country Inn and Reserve Branson using HTML and CSS

August 2004–February 2005

St. Louis, MO Print Production Artist 

Clients included: Propaganda and Waylon Ad where I produced restaurant menus and beer marketing materials for print using Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, QuarkXpress, Adobe Acrobat Pro.

May 2003–August 2004

Rose Design/St. Louis, MO Print & Web Production Artist 

• Web Production and Scripting, Produced web sites based on Art Director’s design which entailed slicing images, creating drop-down menus, and image swapping using JavaScript, CSS and HTML

• Print Production Designed catalogs, sales books, direct mailers, and lobby graphics for main client, Sigma-Aldrich Produced in-house proposal books

• Spearheaded automated catalog creation project that imported XML data into InDesign using AppleScript to create the copy elements (section headers, chapter headers, item numbers, product descriptions), graphically format them for color and typography then place them in newly created document pages.

• Automated Rose Design’s proposal book which imported text from Microsoft Word into InDesign in order to decrease the time of book production.


Meramec Community College

1993-1995 – Classes in Digital Media

University of Missouri, Columbia

1985–1990 – Bachelor of Science, Education–English

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314.596.2774   mark.plattner@gmail.com